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Eng. Alehegne Mossu

Deputy CEO and Chief Engineer of Construction Equipment and Machineries Management Sector






The sector has the following objectives:

  • To support ECWC in the achievement of its main objectives: i.e. the construction and maintenance of buildings, transport, and  water infrastructures by supplying relevant, reliable, and adequate equipment,
  • To develop and maintain its own management system and standards ensuring the highest levels of services to its customers.
  • To generate income by providing machinery and vehicle maintenance services to external customers.


 Construction Equipment and Machineries Management Sector

The construction Equipment and Machineries Management Sector, which is accountable to the CEO, has the following duties and responsibilities:

  1. Based on the annual plan of the corporation, the sector prepares its annual plan, leads, monitors, and controls the implementation of the plan after approval.
  2. Coordinates lead and evaluate the plan of the sections and projects of the corporation accountable to the sector.
  3. Prepares policies, guidelines, manuals, procedures, and standards in order to efficiently discharge its duties and responsibilities given by the CEO and put them in place after approval.
  4. The sector monitors and controls the administration and maintenance of the equipment and machinery as per the laws and regulations of the sector.
  5. Ensures and controls the proper and timely supply of construction equipment and machinery to the projects of the construction sectors as per the request filed by the respective sectors.
  6. Ensures and controls the installation and uninstallation of the required plants and machinery to and from the construction projects of the corporation.
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