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Guder-Shenen-Seyo Road Construction Project Launches

Guder-Shenen-Seyo Road Construction Project Launches

The Guder-Shenen-Seyo Road Construction Project, located in the Oromiya Regional State has been launched on the 14th of February 2021 through the attendance of federal and regional officials, Aba Gedas, religious leaders, elderlies, and the local community.

At the launching ceremony, H.E Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed said that, the government is committed not only to launch the project but also assure to complete the project timely. He also added that, peoples in and around Ambo town was fighting for the overthrow of TPLF Junta for long years and now come to realize their road to prosperity.

Director of the Ethiopian Roads Authority, Eng. Habtamu Tegegn has also said that, the contractor, ECWC has more than 60 years of experience in the construction industry and believed to accomplish the project in a given period of time as per the desired quality. In addition, he asked the town, zone, and regional authorities as well as the religious leaders, elderlies, and the community at large to provide their unreserved effort   for the timely accomplishment of the project.

The 91.8km, Guder-Shenen-Seyo Road Construction Asphalt Concrete Project contractual agreement was signed between Ethiopian Roads Authority and Ethiopian Construction Works Corporation on 11th of June 2020, worth 3,640,009,480.12 ETB.