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The construction of Shire and Lalibela airports is ongoing remarkably to submit in time

Ethiopian construction works corporation transport infrastructure construction sector is constructing Shire airport with contract amount of Birr 417,584,266.

The contractual agreement is signed on December 12, 2015 with Ethiopian Airports Enterprise and commenced in January 2016. Upgrading of the gravel Airport to asphalt concrete is ongoing.

the project includes construction of run way, apron field, taxi way, strip way and 1.03 km asphalt concrete Acess road that stretches from the airport to Shire  town which is 9 meters wide.

Shire airport construction project has 60 meters wide and 2.78 long  run way, over 104 wide and 2.78 km long strip way. It also has 215Î120 meters wide apron field and 228Î 25 meters wide taxi way.

The 104 wide strips way is gravel where the rest part of the airport is built with 10 centimeters thick asphalt concrete. Shire airport is expected to be completed in December 2016.

Similarly the corporation is also constructing Lalibela airport with over 139 million Birr contract amount since April 2016.  The project includes works of 2.4 kmÎ60 meters wide run way, 150 metersÎ 300 meters wide taxi way, and 4 km asphalt road that connects the apron field with the main road.