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The Agency Evaluates the Corporation's nine-month Performance.

The Agency Evaluates the Corporation's nine-month Performance

The Public Enterprises Holding and Administration Agency evaluates the Ethiopian Construction Works Corporation's nine months performance of  the 2013 EFY.

In a meeting held at the corporation's head office with the corporation's management, the agency's management evaluates the nine months financial, fiscal and project management reform performance of the corporation.

According to Sosina Tamiru, Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Team leader of the Corporation, the corporation has collected over 2.5 billion birr in the past nine months of 2013 EFY and achieved 72 percent of the plan.

The corporation has achieved more than 100% of its planned profit before tax, completed the construction of 14 projects, and signed different construction projects more than 22 billion birr worth of contract amount.

Speaking on the occasion, Tizazu Amsalu, Deputy Director General of the Public Enterprises Holding and Administration Agency, said the corporation's reforms, leadership commitment, cost reduction activities and other capacity building activities of the corporation are instructive and can be taken as a best practices.

The Chief Executive Officer of the Corporation, Engineer Yonas Ayalew, on his part said the corporation has been able to overcome many problems in the past years by implementing three phase of construction management reform step by step.

Engineer Yonas further said that, the in the first phase of the reform process, the corporation has been implemented organizational reform, cost reduction activities, making the workplace more efficient, and revising number of working procedures.

In the current budget year, the second phase construction management reform, construction project management, has been implemented to solve 16 key problems which were identified by research, Engineer Yonas added.

According to the CEO, preparations are underway to implement the third phase of construction management reform; Industrialized and IT based Construction Management, in the upcoming the 2014 EFY.