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The ongoing 66 km kong-begondi-wenbera Road Construction project is in fast progress

The construction of 66km project with more than 800 million birr contruct ammount is in progress. 35km of the road is built with asphalt where as the remaining 31km is gravel road. 30% of the project is rolling and flat area and 20% of the project passes by almost fully mountainous area. Landscape of the remaining 40% of the road traverses rolling and gradient area.


The road construction project is located in Benishangule Gumuze reginal state in Metekel zone at 721 km east of Addis Ababa. The construction is started on January 11/2013 under the supervision of national consulting organization, Cor consulting engineers. The project is financed by the Ethiopian government and constructed by Ethiopian construction Works Corporation. The road directly connects 9 kebeles in the Wonbera Woreda.

Since the project traverse through areas where there is production of coffee, sesame and other oilseeds, the road projects is essential to connect the production to the market at reasonable price. Gathering dispersedly settled villages to one area is also done.

Currently the road project has created job opportunity for more than 1000 permanent and contract employees. When it is completed, due to that it ends at about the Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam; it is highly expected to facilitate the transportation for the developmental activities and tourism around the dam.