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Performance of Guder Fato Dam Construction Project Gaining Momentum

Project praised for discharging its social responsibilities

Manager of the Guder Fato Dam Construction Project, a dam being undertaken by the the Ethiopian Construction works Corporation, announced a plan to carry out the execution of the project in two shifts daily a bid to scale up the execution of the project in the remaining months of the current fiscal year.

Project Manager, Eng. Guja Bekelcho told to communication experts of the corporation recently that the shift system would be introduced shortly in order to boost the performance of the project to more than 90 percent at the end of the budget year which stands at 58.5 percent to date.

The cost of project, which was launched at initial contract cost of 935.3 million ETB, was amended to more than one billion ETB recently due to inclusion of additional excavation works that amount to 89 million ETB.

Meanwhile, the local people living in the surrounding area of the project site appreciated the officials of the project for their relentless efforts toward discharging its duties and responsibilities. The project has constructed and handed over two water distribution points and a 6-km rural road to the local community recently.

The new dam, which is under construction in Melkie Dera kebele of the Tokie Kutaye Woreda, West Shoa Zone of the Oromia State, will have the capacity of holding 576,000 cubic meters of water at a time. The project has created job opportunities to more than 300 compatriots at present.