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 Ato Wakjira Yilma

Deputy CEO of Corporate Resource Administration and Service Sector 





This sector confines human resource facility management and procurement departments. Consequently, the sector performs works related to procurement, property management, human resource, facility management, and other related activities of the corporation. Currently, the corporation has more than 9,000 permanent and contract employees with various fields of specialization deployed at the Head office and at various projects of the corporation. The corporation’s employees have rich and pervasive experiences in different construction areas and considered to have a greater competitive advantage for the corporation. Among the total number of employees, 1,266 hold first and second degrees in various disciplines, and 1,941 employees are middle-level professionals.


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 Corporate Resource Administration and Service Sector 

The Corporate Property Administration and Service Sector, which is accountable to the CEO, has the following duties and responsibilities:

  1. Plan, organize, lead, administer, and monitor the activities of the sector based on the annual plan of the corporation.
  2. Prepares policies, guidelines, manuals, procedures, and standards in order to efficiently discharge its duties and responsibilities to the CEO and put them in place after approval.
  3. Provides and ensures the quality, timely and legitimate services to sectors, branch offices, project offices, and other sections of the corporation.
  4. Ensures the human resource supply, human resource development, and human resource administration of the corporation is in line with the laws of the nation, guidelines of the corporation, and bilateral agreement, and takes corrective measures whenever required.
  5. Ensures and controls legitimate utilization of the human resource, permanent and provisional properties of the corporation.
  6. Monitors and ensures the procurement and supply of the necessary inputs are being undertaken based on the need, plan, and set program of the corporation.
  7. Ensures the properties of the corporation are kept in accordance with the law of the nation and takes or enforces to be taken corrective measures whenever required.
  8. Ensures and controls the storage of the resources of the corporation in accordance with the types and properties.
  9. Ensures and controls the regular and fair distribution of the resources among the various sections of the corporation.
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