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Institute Evaluates Corporation’s Kaizen Implementation

Institute Evaluates Corporation’s Kaizen Implementation

The Ethiopian Kaizen Institute (EKI) has evaluated the implementation of Kaizen within the Ethiopian Construction Works Corporation (ECWC).

A team, which is sent from the Ethiopian Kaizen Institute, has evaluated the status of the implementation of Kaizen in the corporation through various ways and reported the findings to pertinent bodies.

The team has identified a number of strong points and few limitations observed during the implementation of Kaizen within the corporation. Accordingly, the commitment of the executive body to implement Kaizen, regular supervision activities, high working morale, creating suitable working environment, establishment of separate office for Kaizen implementation as well as provision of trainings on kaizen are some of the major strong points.

However, absence of data on problems encountered during the implementation of kaizen and their causes, unable to determine the impact of these problems, lack of direction indicators for the various offices and workplaces, and absence of relevant manuals for firefighting equipment are some of the limitations cited on the report.

Various executive bodies of the corporation, who attended the presentation of the status report, vowed to make improvements on the above-mentioned limitations within 15 to 60 days.



 Engineer Yonas Ayalew

CEO of Ethiopian Construction Works Corporation