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Dear valued customers, stakeholders, and beneficiaries!

It is my great pleasure to announce our milestone achievements and hopes for the upcoming breakthroughs of the Ethiopian Construction Works Corporation (ECWC).

One of the giant construction companies of  Ethiopia, ECWC  constructed several dams, airfields, roads, bridges,  dry ports, buildings, water supply systems, deep water wells, reclamations, river diversions,  etc, and manufacture building materials throughout the country.

The ECWC is established with a mission to deliver quality construction works both domestically and overseas, assemble construction machinery, equipment, and manufacturing spare parts as well as acquire, own and administer dams constructed by the government.

With a great energy and caliber ECWC envisioned entering the East and Central African market, taking its long years of experience in the construction sector, expertise knowledge, technology, machinery, and quality works as a competitive advantage. It’s also noted that, the corporation gets recognition and appreciation from its esteemed customers; achieves various awards in response to ECWC's relentless struggle for change, ISO 9001:2015 among others.

Thus, We at ECWC, pursue the realization of the motto, “Building the future, restoring the past” based on our core values.

Finally, I would like to express my optimistic horizon of ECWC to be a successful corporate company in Africa, accompanying all our counterparts geared together towards our vision.



 Yonas Ayalew(Eng.)