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Eng. Mister Shibeshi,

Deputy CEO and Chief Engineer of Transport Infrastructure Construction Sector





The sector undertakes the construction and maintenance of highways, bridges, tunnels, railways, runways, and ports, and other civil engineering works listed below.

Road construction and maintenance works

  1. Express highways
  2. Asphalt road construction
  3. Cement concrete road construction
  4. Rehabilitation and upgrading works
  5. Performance-based road contract
  6. Capital maintenance

Bridges and Canal construction

  1. Concrete bridges
  2. Canal construction
  3. Belly bridge 
  4. Retaining walls
  5. Culverts

Airfield construction

  1. Constructing new airfields
  2. Upgrading existing airfields

Railway construction

Port construction

Transport Infrastructure Construction Sector

The transport infrastructure construction sector, which is accountable to the CEO, has the following duties and responsibilities:

  1. Based on the annual plan of the corporation, the sector prepares the annual plan of the sector and leads, monitors, and controls the implementation of the plan after approval.
  2. Coordinates leads and evaluates the plan of those sections and projects of the corporation accountable to the sector.
  3. Prepares policies, guidelines, manuals, procedures and standards in order to efficiently discharge its duties and responsibilities to the CEO and put them in place after approval.
  4. Based on its mission, the sector participates in local and international bids, sign agreements, and commences, monitor, and control projects after approval by the CEO.
  5. Whenever new projects launched, the sector in collaboration with the project owner and the local community undertakes site selection, camp construction, and mobilization of human and material resources to the project site.
  6. Ensures and monitors the preparation of detailed action plans for the projects operating under the auspice of the sector before the commencement of the projects, and provides monitoring and support services for the implantation of the plans. 
  7. Leads supports and monitors the availability of inputs, equipment and machineries as well as the necessary human power for the projects operating under the auspice of the sector.
  8. Ensures monitors, and controls the preparation of payment certificates (IPC) for the amount of work performed by the projects, take corrective measures whenever required, and submit reports to the CEO on the issues.
  9. Transfers the completed payment certificates to pertinent bodies and monitors and ensures the execution of the payments.
  10. In collaboration with the Hunan Resource and Facility Management Main Department, it ensures the necessary trainings and education services to its employees.
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