Mr. Amentie Dadi

Chief of Staff with the rank of DCEO

1    Office of the CEO

The office of the Chief executive officer, which is accountable to the CEO, has the following duties and responsibilities:

1.      Ensures the relevance of the agendas of the meetings to be called by the CEO.

2.      Leads, coordinates, monitors, and evaluates sections of the corporation accountable to the office of the CEO.

3.      Implements and monitors the day to day programs of the CEO.   

4.      Ensures and realizes organizational structure and working procedures of the corporation to be efficient and cost-effective ways.

5.      Ensures and monitors and controls the working procedures, service provisions, and data collection and integration of the corporation to be up to date and ICT-friendly.

6.      Ensures and monitors and controls the thorough preparation of the strategic and annual plans of the corporation. It also ensures and realizes the follow up and performance appraisals to represent the existing status of the corporation and its sections.

7.      Pave ways and ensures active participation of the corporation wherever it operates.

8.      Ensures and monitors the safety and wellbeing of the workers in the overall activities of the corporation.  

9.      Ensures and realizes that the corporation undertakes environmental protection endeavors in overall activities of the corporation as per the Environmental Impact assessment Document of the projects.

10.  Coordinates external relations among the internal and external counterparts, governmental and non-governmental organizations geared toward forging partnership among the stated parties. 

11.  Monitors, evaluates, and provides feedback on the plan and performance appraisal of the various sectors, centers, and other sections of the corporation and presents timely information to the CEO.  

12.  Prepares its monthly, quarterly, nine month and annual performance report to the CEO.

13.  Ensures the necessary human power, permanent and provisional properties for the office.

14.  In collaboration with the Hunan Resource and Facility Management Main Department, it ensures the necessary trainings and education services to its employees.

15.  Performs other duties given by the CEO of the corporation.

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