Beimnet Gashaw(Engineer)

Deputy CEO and Chief Engineer of Water Infrastructure Construction Division

Water Infrastructure Construction Division

The Water Infrastructure Construction Sector, which is accountable to the CEO, has the following duties and responsibilities:

  1. Based on the annual plan o the corporation, the sector prepares its annual plan and leads, monitors, and controls the implementation of the plan after approval.
  2. Coordinates lead and evaluates the plan of those sections and projects of the corporation accountable to the sector.
  3. Prepares, policies, guidelines, manuals, procedures, and standards in order to efficiently discharge its duties and responsibilities given by the CEO, and put them in place after approval.
  4. Based on its mission, the sector participates in local and international bids, sign agreements, and commences, monitor and control projects after approval by the CEO.
  5. Whenever required, the sector determines the unit price of construction inputs and design works in dam, irrigation, safe water, deep water well, drainage, land reclamation, and other water infrastructure construction activities.
  6. Ensures and monitors the preparation of detailed action plans for the projects operating under the auspice of the sector before the commencement of the projects, and provide monitoring and support services during the implementation of the plans.
  7. Leads support and monitors the availability of inputs, equipment, and machinery as well as the necessary human power for the projects operating under the auspice of the sector.
  8. The sector devises ways as to how to make sure the supply of inputs from suppliers and put in into force after approval by the CEO since participation in some bids like the sinking of deepwater wells requires a guarantee for the supply of the necessary inputs.
  9. Ensures as well as monitors and controls the preparation of payment certificates [IPC] for the amount of work performed by the projects, ensure execution of the payments, and takes corrective measures when required, and submits reports to the CEO on the issues.
  10. Transfers the approved payment certificates to pertinent bodies, monitors, and ensures the collection of the payments.
  11. In collaboration with the project owners and the local administration, the sector undertakes the selection of campsites, constructs comp for the project, and ensures and controls the mobilization of the necessary equipment and human power.
  12. Upon completion of projects, it follows up and ensures the demobilization of resources from project sites.
  13. In collaboration with pertinent bodies, the sector plays its level best in resolving conflicts through legal means whenever the disputes occur among the project and the local community or administrative bodies. 
  14. In collaboration with the Business Development and Project Management Center, it undertakes survey studies on the construction of water infrastructure facilities with counterparts and other partners with rich experiences on the sector, submit the findings of the study to the CEO for approval, and ensures implementation of the joint venture as well as the transfer of knowledge and technology into the corporation.
  15. In collaboration with the Human Resource and Facility Management Main Department, it ensures the necessary training and education services to its workers.
  16. Prepares its monthly, quarterly, nine-month, and annual performance report and submit it to the CEO.
  17. Ensures the necessary human power, permanent and provisional properties for the sector.
  18. Performs other duties given by the CEO.

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