Purpose of establishment

The purposes for the establishment of the corporation are:

  1. To engage in domestic and overseas construction works as a contractor in construction, upgrading, and maintenance of roads, bridges, works related to dams, irrigations, hydropower generations, water supply systems, sewerage systems, drainage, deep water wells, reclamations, river diversions, of buildings, airfields, railways, ports, and other civil works.

  2. To engage in the assembling of construction equipment and machinery, and manufacturing spare parts; to provide maintenance service for construction equipment and machinery, and produce construction materials and different kinds of pipes necessary for its activities, and to sell them as may be appropriate.

  3. To acquire, own and administer irrigation dams, deep water wells, and as may be necessary water supply canals constructed and to be constructed by the Federal Government budget and collect charges from the beneficiaries of such dams.

  4. To engage in the rental business of construction equipment, machinery, warehouses, and building.

  5. To produce qualified human resource with required discipline, number, and quality for the Corporation by using its own training facilities or work in co-ordination with relevant domestic or international research, educational and training institutions.

  6. To make studies and forward proposals in line with directions given by the Ministry of Public Enterprises to get financial, technological, and modern administrative inputs (including attracting investment or to engage in investment) to be competitive and profitable in domestic and overseas works.

  7. To sell and pledge bonds and to negotiate and sign loan agreements with local and international financial sources in line with the directive issued by the Ministry of Finance and Economic Co-operation and in accordance with policy direction given by Ministry of Public Enterprises.

  8. To render design and construction, engineering procurement and contracts, design building operation and management or transfer of construction project and other services.

  9. To engage in deep foundation and excavation for specialized electromechanical works, tunneling ready mix concrete production and pouring, demolishing services, rendering a concrete and steel structure based building technology and construction solution related to prefabricated building and conventional system.

  10. To undertake any other related activities necessary for the attainment of its purposes

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