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Workers Confer on Corporation’s Performance, Strategic Plan

Employees of the Ethiopian Construction Works Corporation (ECC) confer on 21 June 2024 on the performance of the five-year strategic plan (2012-2016 E.C) of the corporation.

In the relevant meetings held on the premise of the headquarters and Kaliti office of the corporation, the workers deliberate on the registered achievements of the corporation as well as on the bottlenecks encountered during the last five years.

Moreover, the employees discuss on the new strategic plan (2017-202021 E.C) of the corporation and forwarded plausible recommendations as to how to successfully implement the new strategic plan.

Awareness-raining orientations were also provided to employees on strategic documents of the corporation at the two halls of the corporation.

Jun 21, 2024
ECC signs an MoU with 1052296 BC LTD

ECC and a Canadian company named  1052296 LTD O/A  signs an MoU that enables both parties to create partnerships in the field of construction materials production, production of natural fertilizer, fiber  and reinforcement bar for construction and related works in Ethiopia.

Honorable Tagesse Chafo, speaker of  House of Peoples Representatives attended the event of MoU signing.

Jun 17, 2024
ECC and Kam Ceramic Unveil 2 Billion Birr Ceramic Factory

Ethiopian Construction Works Corporation(ECC) and KAM Ceramic PLC have jointly established a ceramic manufacturing factory with an investment exceeding 2 billion birr. The factory's construction is completed and it will soon start production. The announcement was made during an official share company inauguration ceremony at the Skylight Hotel.

At the inauguration ceremony, state Minister of the Ministry of Industry H.E Mr.Tarekegn Bululta provided work instructions and congratulations, while Mrs. Meleket Sahelu, deputy CEO of Ethiopian Investment Holdings, also attended the event.

Jun 15, 2024
Management, employees of the corporation donates blood

Ethiopian Construction Works Corporation's management bodies and employees of the Kality compound donated blood. Dr. Hussein Oumer, head of the corporation's clinic, said that the blood donation was done in collaboration with the blood bank, and it is a charity work that aims to save citizens who risk their lives due to lack of blood.

Jun 6, 2024
ECC acknowledges Exhibition participants and partners

A program of gratitude and recognition was held at Skylight Hotel for the various institutions that contributed greatly to the successful completion of the Big 5 Construct Ethiopia 2024 international event, which was held at the Millennium Hall for the second time in our country from May 30-June 01, 2024.

Jun 6, 2024
Higher government officials visit ECC's pavilion

On the occasion of the launching ceremony of BIG 5 CONSTRUCT ETHIOPIA the pavilion  of Ethiopian Construction works Construction (ECC) was visited by H.E Temesgen Tiruneh Deputy Prime Minister of the F.D.R.E, H.E Tagesse Chafo Speaker of  House of Peoples Representative of the F.D.R.E, H.E Chaltu Sani Minister of Urban and Infrastructure, H.E Dr. Alemu Sime Minister of Transport and Logistics, H.E Muferiat Kamil Minister of Labor and Skills, H.E Adanech Abiebie Mayor of Addis Ababa City Administration, and other higher government officials.

The exhibition will open for visitors until June 1, 2024 at Millennium Hall.

May 31, 2024

Latest project

Rib Dam Construction Project

Water sector / completed ____Date:Jul 26, 2023

         Rib Dam Construction Project is located in Amhara National Regional State. It is a completed project with a contract amount of ETB          3,639,891,362.43.

Construction Works of Package 9 -Chefe Condominium Asphalt Road Project

Transport sector / Under construction ____Date:Aug 1, 2023

Construction Works of Package 9 -Chefe Condominium Asphalt Road Project: is located in Addis Ababa which is being constructed with a contract amount of ETB    190,532,890.43, and has 0.16% physical performance.

Kotebe Kara Bread Factory

Building sector / completed ____Date:Jul 31, 2023

Kotebe Kara Bread Factory is located in Addis Ababa. It is a completed project with ETB 11,684,230.00.

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