ECC Unveils Quarterly Performance in 2016 Fiscal Year Review

Date: Dec 14, 2023

The Ethiopian Construction Works Corporation (ECC) has disclosed its quarterly performance for the 2016 fiscal year, showcasing remarkable achievements and a surge in profits. The announcement came during a comprehensive review session attended by the corporation's management and staff.

The corporation, presently engaged in the construction of 67 projects valued 55.75 billion birr, has reported profit of 273.9 million birr for the first quarter of 2016. This notable financial success represents a remarkable 71% increase compared to the same quarter in 2015.

The corporation attributes its impressive results to a series of institutional reforms initiated since 2012. Key reforms include significant overhauls in Organizational Reform, Project Management Reform, Industrialization & Digitalization Reform, and Internationalization reform; with the latter being a focal point of the Investment reform in the 2016 Ethiopian fiscal year.

A pivotal component of these reforms includes the establishment of a construction input production center, the implementation of cutting-edge technologies such as ERP system, BIM, GPS, and CCTV, and active participation in international events and collaborations with foreign institutions.

To further expand business opportunity the corporation has strategically opened new branches domestically in Kombolcha, Arba Minch, Jimma, and Dire Dawa. Additionally, it is actively working on establishing new branches in Kenya, Rwanda, South Sudan, and South Africa through collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia and IGAD.

The Ethiopian Construction Works Corporation has been duly recognized by the integrated management system (ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018). The corporation has submitted a request to the Ethiopian Standards Agency for recognition in additional areas, according to the report.

 The report also highlighted the corporation's commitment to continuous improvement through the implementation of kaizen, with kaizen initiatives worth over 200,000 birr successfully executed during the quarter.

However, the report noted several challenges faced by the corporation, including issues such as a shortage of cement, payment delays, right of way problems, and lack of foreign exchange, design change and design delay of the projects, and market fluctuation. Despite these challenges, the corporation remains optimistic about its future endeavors, driven by its commitment to excellence and ongoing reforms and profit.

Furthermore, a discussion took place regarding the report prepared by the Ministry of Planning and Development, detailing the development works accomplished at the national level during the first quarter report discussion forum.


Big 5 Construct Ethiopia is to be held at the end of May 2024

Date: Dec 6, 2023

This was disclosed during an agreement signed between Ethiopian Construction Works Corporation and DMG events, a global exhibitions and publishing company with its head quarter located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Engineer Yonas Ayalew, CEO of Ethiopian Construction Works Corporation and Mr. Ben Greenish, senior vice president of DMG events, signed the agreement on 5th December 2023 in Dubai.

It is to be recalled that “Addis Build by the BIG 5 CONSTRUCT ETHIOPIA” took place in May 2023 last year in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

The successful completion of last year's event is believed to be a precedent for hosting similar upcoming event in Ethiopia.

Meanwhile, the 2023 BIG 5 global construction show in which Ethiopian Construction Works Corporation is participating as an exhibitor is well underway with a number of events in Dubai. These include Global construction leaders’ summit held on 5th of December 2023 during which Engineer Yonas Ayalew, CEO of Ethiopian Construction Works Corporation took part.


Big 5 Global Construction Exhibition kicks off

Date: Dec 4, 2023

The annual Big 5 Global Construction Exhibition has officially been opened at Dubia World Trade Center in the United Arab Emirates.

Ethiopian Construction Works Corporation is among the thousands of exhibitors in this annual hub for the global construction industry which attracts attendees from more than 150 countries.

By being an exhibitor, the corporation has found the event very relevant for showcasing and forging partnership in the industry.

This year's Big 5 Global Construction Exhibition lasts for the next four consecutive days.

Big 5 Global Construction Exhibition is believed to be the largest and most influential event for the construction industry.


Corporation provides trainings on three distinct management systems

Date: Nov 27, 2023

Ethiopian Construction Works Corporation (ECC) has provided a series of trainings to employees on internationally recognized management systems in order to implement the systems in the years ahead.

While opening training on Risk Management System, Chief of Staff with the rank of DCEO of the Corporation, Amentie Dadi said the corporation has been implementing a series of reform programs and an integrated management system with a view to boost the product and productivity of the corporation.

The corporation has already been certified for implementing Quality Management System (ISO: 9001/2015), Environmental Management System (ISO: 14001/2015) and Occupational Health and Safety Management System (ISO: 45001/2018), the head said.

Amentie said a series of preparations are underway to implement four additional management systems that are risk management system, laboratory management system, business continuity management system and anti-bribery management systems during the current fiscal year.

Organizational development department manager with the corporation, Samuel Amare said the corporation has so far provided trainings on Risk management System (ISO: 31001), on Laboratory Management System (ISO: 17025), and on Business Continuity Management System (ISO: 22301).

The corporation will also provide training to pertinent employees on Anti-Bribery Management System (ISO: 37001), he said adding the corporation envisages implementing the aforementioned systems and receive certificates on all of the systems.  

Samuel said the risk management system guideline will enable the corporation identify, analyse, and evaluate possible risks in its operations, the laboratory management system guideline assists the firm to issue credible lab results, while the business continuity management system guideline allows the organization run its business activities smoothly and in a resilient manner.  

The trainings that occurred on the premise of the headquarters of the corporation between 20 and 24 November 2023 attracted more than 70 trainees drawn from the various departments of the corporation, it was noted.     


Project Managers Take Enterprise Resource Planning Training

Date: Nov 23, 2023

To enhance the effectiveness of Enterprise Resource Planning implementation and speed up the institutional change, Ethiopian Construction Works Corporation gives training for project managers who are working around Addis Ababa; as department manager of information communication technology stated.

Department manager, Mr. Isaias Andarge told that, projects have lots of resources and have responsibility to purchase, hire, and make payments; therefore, trained project managers to understand Enterprise Resource Planning and fully implement is vital.  

Finally, Mr. Isaias urged all project managers to implement Enterprise Resource Planning and enforced their workers to use the system fully and pay attention for information quality during implementation.


Ethiopian Construction Works Corporation Launches Comprehensive Project Managers Training Program

Date: Nov 23, 2023

In a landmark event, the Ethiopian Construction Works Corporation unveiled its ambitious future project managers training program, marked by a compelling address from the Corporation's Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Engineer Yonas Ayalew. The CEO underscored the imperative for trainee project managers to possess both the requisite ability and discipline to execute their responsibilities with precision.

Addressing the gathering, CEO Engineer Yonas Ayalew articulated the corporation's strategic vision, citing the need for the production of project managers endowed with qualities such as confidentiality, discipline, responsibility, full qualification, professionalism, and problem-solving acumen. Engineer Yonas Ayalew emphasized that this initiative is integral to the corporation's plans for market expansion and heightened competitiveness.

Furthermore, Engineer Yonas Ayalew revealed the corporation's commitment to augmenting organizational capacity by nurturing a trainee of future project managers through diverse training approaches aimed at expediting the typically lengthy process of producing qualified professionals. Expressing confidence, he stated, "I strongly believe that the trainee project managers present today will capitalize on this opportunity, evolving into fully-fledged project managers within a span of six years. The Corporation stands ready to provide unwavering support, ensuring the success of the training programs."

Dr. Argaw Asha, Executive Officer of the Ethiopia Construction Works Corporation Construction Professionals Development Institute, provided insights into the training regimen. He disclosed that trainee project managers would undergo a comprehensive six-month program, with a curriculum comprising 30 percent theory and 70 percent practical training. Dr. Argaw highlighted the hands-on approach by detailing a four-day visit to various corporation projects, exposing trainees to project management procedures, and key activities such as prefabricated building production, building information modeling, and the situation room. Urging attentiveness, he emphasized that the site visits are an integral component of the training process.

The launch event concluded with a collective call to action, urging trainees to actively engage in the training sessions, demonstrating commitment, and striving diligently to achieve their intended objectives. The Ethiopian Construction Works Corporation's initiative signals a significant step towards cultivating a trainee of adept project managers poised to contribute to the corporation's continued growth and success.

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