Corporation launches training institute, digital technology centre

Date: Nov 23, 2023

Ethiopian Construction Works Corporation (ECWC) launched on 11 Nov. 2023 a training institute, Construction Professionals’ Development Institute, and a digital technology centre, Construction Projects Management Centre.

 The newly inaugurated institutions will enable the corporation to create highly-skilled construction professionals and to monitor and follow up on-going construction projects from the centre.

 The institutions, constructed in Akaki kality Sub-city of the Addis Ababa City Administration, will play key role in executing construction projects as per the desired quality, allotted time and reasonable cost.  

 Speaking at the inaugural ceremony, Corporation Board Chairperson, Honourable Eng. Aisha Mohamed, who is also Minister of Irrigation and Low-lands, said the new institutions will enable the corporation become more competitive in the construction sector.

The program attracted Speaker of the House of Peoples’ Representatives, Honourable Tagesse Chafo, Defence Minister, H.E Dr. Abrham Belay, Labour and Skills Development Minister H.E Muferiat Kamil, Embassy representatives and other invited guests.    

 Ethiopian Construction Works Corporation (ECWC), a state-owned development enterprise, is currently undertaking 67 construction projects across the nation at a combined cost of over 55.7 billion ETB, it was noted. 


Project set to complete right of way-free section this year

Date: Nov 23, 2023

Yeka Tafo Lot 2 Road Construction Project said utmost efforts have been exerted to complete the ‘right of way-free section’ of the project until the end of the current Ethiopian fiscal year.

Project manager, Engineer Abyot Sisay said the project, which is underway by the Ethiopian Construction works Corporation (ECWC) at a cost of over 700 million ETB, is severely hampered by right of way related problems.  

Eng. Abyot told communication experts, who visited the project site on 31 Oct. 2023, that 5.5 km of the 10.95 km asphalt and cobblestone road construction project could not be accelerated due to the stated cause.

Project has secured 104 million ETB in advance payments and collected over 140 million ETB from the execution of the project so far, he said, only 27 per cent of the project has been completed so far due to obstructions related to right of way.  

Some 5.45km of the asphalt and cobblestone roads of the project, which accounts 50 per cent of the entire project, could not be commenced so far due to problems related to right of way.

Work execution team leader with the project, Eng. Biruk Shitaye said the project included construction of 3.99 km asphalt road, 6.69 km cobblestone road, two box-culverts, retaining walls and drainage infrastructures.

The project comprises 71 permanent and contract workers at present and executed about 78 per cent of the right of way free section of the project, according to the team leader.


Corporation strives to make CPDI centre of excellence

Date: Nov 23, 2023

Ethiopian Construction Works Corporation (ECWC) has been taking various measures toward making its institute, the Construction Professionals Development Institute (CPDI), centre of excellence in the fields of the construction sector.

Corporation Chief Executive Officer Eng. Yonas Ayalew, while opening trainings organized for the first batch of trainees on 08 Nov. 2023 on the premise of the centre, said the corporation envisages making the institute source of highly-skilled construction professionals in the coming few years.

Most of the graduate engineers coming from the various engineering schools of the nation may have the basic theories and principles of engineering, Eng. Yonas said, however CDPI strives to equip engineers with up-to-date construction related technologies and tangible experiences gained through executing projects.

The institute will be providing tailored trainings on construction and project management fields of study not only for executive bodies and workers of the corporation but also for other Ethiopian and foreign construction professionals engaged in the sector.

About 1,500 engineers related to construction sector are supposed to be operating across the nation to date, he said, adding the majority of the engineers need to have tailored trainings on project management theories and principles to assume the position of project manager in the future.

Meanwhile, a two-week online training has been launched on the premise of the centre same day for construction project managers deployed at various construction sites of the corporation.

According Executive Officer of the Institute, Dr. Argaw Asha the institute has plans to train more than 100 construction professions on project management and other related fields of study in the coming years.

The two separate trainings, launched by the institute in collaboration with two authorized international trainers of the field namely ‘Make Enterprise’ and ‘Construction Solutions’, aim at improving the capacity of over 40 engineers and certify those professionals for project management positions.



Senior officials provide orientation to would-be project managers

Date: Nov 23, 2023

Senior officials of the Ethiopian Construction Works Corporation (ECWC) provided induction courses to would-be project managers who are to attend relevant training in Construction Professionals Development Institute (CPDI) of the corporation.

During the induction program held on 09 Nov. 2023 on the premise of the corporation’s head-office, Corporate resource administration and service sector deputy chief executive officer,  Mr.Waqjira Yilma told trainees that the corporation, the only a state-owned construction company of its kind, is engaged in multifaceted construction endeavours throughout the country.

He said the corporation, which as a combined capital of over 20 billion ETB, is currently engaged in transport and water infrastructure construction works, building construction activities, construction input manufacturing and distribution activities, agricultural development endeavours, as well as in real estate development works, among others.

He said, the corporation, which has highly-skilled human power and more than 2,000 construction machineries and equipment, envisages producing dynamic and committed project managers within the coming six years.

Executive officer of the CPDI with the corporation, Dr Argaw Asha said on his part that the trainees will be attending theoretical and practical trainings on project management field of study that focus on 16 knowledge areas of the project management reform program.

Dr Argaw said poor-quality infrastructures, cost and time overruns in execution of construction projects, corrupt and malpractices in the construction sector necessitated the launch of the training program.

The would-be project managers will be certified as junior project managers with equivalent two years of service at the end of the 6-month rigorous training, according to the executive officer.


Corporation Sets to Complete Project ahead of Schedule

Date: Oct 26, 2023

Work is being done to complete Addis Ababa City Entrance and Exit Agricultural Products Center, which is being built by Ethiopian Construction Works Corporation (ECWC), in Addis Ababa City Administration, Akaki Kaliti Sub-city, Woreda 15, around Haile Garment area with a revised contract price of more than 1.5 billion Birr ahead of schedule, project managers stated.

The manager of Lot 1 of the project, Engineer Alemayehu Kassa, stated that the corporation entered into contract with the owner of the project, Addis Ababa City Administration Construction Bureau, to complete the project, which was commenced on December 20, 2020, on the scheduled date of December 30, 2023, ahead of schedule.

The Project’s Lot 2 Project Manager, Engineer Anwar Negussie on his part said that plans are made to complete the works under Lot 2 such as administrative building, wholesale shops, stores, public toilets, and electrical works until October 31, 2023.

Engineer Alemayehu stated that the corporation, the client of the project, and the consulting firm are paying great attention to complete the project ahead of the set deadline, and for this purpose monitoring, control and support activities are being carried out regularly.

In addition, Engineer Alemayehu said that the physical performance of the project has reached 70 percent, and in order to complete the project ahead of the contract period, the work is divided into two lots and being carried out by two managers, the owner of the project is making payments without any interruption and the consulting firm is providing great monitoring and support.

Furthermore, Engineer Alemayehu said that lack of cement, steel and budget, and right way problems have affected the construction process, and those problems were solved through discussions with the client.

Excluding the Phase I works, this project, which rests over an area of 88,000 square meters, includes the construction of 9 fruit and vegetable blocks with 16 shops each, 2 grain blocks with 30 shops, 1 G+2 administrative building, 1 G+1 supermarket, construction of 11 public toilets, construction of 1.4 km road and parking, 1.2 km fence construction, green area, vegetable wash, electricity, sanitary, septic tank, solid waste and soak away pit, generator and transformer block, water and water reservoir work.


Project on Completion Stage

Date: Oct 26, 2023

Two G+4 Apartment Buildings Construction Project, which is being built in Addis Ababa City Administration, Nifas Silk Lafto Sub-city, Woreda 2, around Jemo Michael, at a contract price of 103.5 million Birr, is on the completion stage.

The project has two four-floor blocks (A&B) of which one block has been completed and the second block has left some finishing works that can be completed within a week, such as fixing door and window, painting work and tiling corridor ceramics, according to the project manager, Engineer Desta G/hiwot.

The two blocks of this project, which lies on an area of 868.32 square meters, each has 32 houses and 16 shops, said Engineer Desta.

Although the project was commenced on December 4, 2023, it had been stopped for three consecutive months due to delayed  payment and  nationwide shortage of cement, but it has left a week work to be completed in a shorter time than the contract period (excluding the lapsed time), Engineer Desta explained.  Compensation for Lapsed time

The construction of the project is carried out by Ethiopian Construction Works Corporation as a contractor, Ministry of Defense of F.D.R.E government as a client, and Defense Construction Enterprise as a consultant.

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